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Frum Satire Comedy Show: November 8 in NYC

October 22, 2007


If you have not noticed, this site has moved to I was recently contacted by David Klimnick, a frum stand up comedian in Israel and asked if I wanted to participate in a show he was going to be doing in New York City. At first I was excited, and then a bit nervous […]

I have succumbed to the 8 things you didn’t know about me tag

July 14, 2007


I am sure every single blogger has been tagged and in fact I was tagged 2 weeks ago by Dreams of Who and Esser Aguroth to write this post, I was lazy and didnt feel like it- i know not very nice of me. Well Sara With No H has broken the back of frum […]

My blog has been mentioned in the NJ Jewish News

April 14, 2007


About two weeks ago I was contacted by the New Jersey Jewish news because they were doing an article on Jews who are into the outdoors. The rest is history- Johanna Ginsburg had found my frumoutdoorsman blog and coincidentally was also a reader of this blog although it took her a little while to put […]

What turns me on

December 6, 2006


Entering Circa on Avenue J in Flatbush to find a half eaten meal left by some teeny bopper bais yaakov girls who dont know the meaning of having to pay for your own food. While munching on this free food fress fest, I notice a beautiful frum girl in a tight black stretchy dress looking […]

Wilderness: Red Bull for the soul

December 1, 2006


Some folks find it at the Kotel, some find it in arguing for hours about the legislative philosophies in the Talmud, some wear all white and meditate while thinking of G-dly images, some smoke herbs, some trip on mushrooms, some view sex as the way to enlightenment and a way to get closer to G-d, […]

Overlook Mountain Hike-oct 24

October 25, 2006


I woke up to the shafts of sunlight hitting my eyes through my shade less windows, I cursed the sun for waking me up so early- yet was happy that I could get an early start and have a whole day to work with. A quick shachris, cinnamon toast crunch, tuna fish sandwich in tin […]

The Jewish Experience of the great white north

October 9, 2006


So as most of you already know I have recently been sharing my experiences on my recent road trip to Alaska. Many brave folks have made the 4000+ mile journey from the east before me, so why is it such a big deal? Every morning when the temperature rose above freezing we would pull over […]

Hiking in Kenai Fjords

October 5, 2006


As we crested the hill and burst through the treeline we noticed two fellow hikers gazing off into the distance. Even from our vantage point we could tell there was some sort of wildlife that they were looking at. We were just oustide Seward Alaska, Seward situated on the coast is at the mouth of […]

Back from Alaska

October 1, 2006


After 6 glorius weeks away from the internet, shopping malls, foreign cars, people, subarbia, and Jews- I am back in the saddle again. I have dozens of stories to tell and rants to make. Unfortunately I will not be able to do so for a bit, but I thought I would check in with my […]

Are there Jews in The Yukon, Northwest Territories, or Alaska.

August 25, 2006


So it all started three weeks ago when I was filling up gas in Liberty NY. A women next to me was filling up and she had Alaska plates, so I started up some friendly excited conversation. Thats when I decided I would drive to Alaska. I had always wanted to do it, and now […]