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This sites address has changed to

August 8, 2007


My new websites address is I would appreciate it if all those who have me on their blogroll can update the address, I have emailed many of you and I am trying to get everyone over to my new site. Please note that there are only a few changes. Most notably I was able […]

The ultimate guide to saying “Good Shabbos”

July 3, 2007


Everyone has a different way of saying or not saying good shabbos. The mumbling men: I think the most common type of good shabbos is the mumble, this is when the person passing you feels obligated to say good shabbos but doesn’t actually want to say it, he waits till the last possible second and […]

The best ways to mess with Baal Teshuva’s

April 26, 2007


Please visit my new site at There was some kid at the kosher kitchen today where I mashgiach once in a while- who switched the way he was facing during benching so as a joke I told him to face the other way like in shmona esray and all the sudden I had an […]

When Baal Teshuvas shed their BT status: How to stereotype

March 20, 2007


I have gotten some complaints that I am not as equal opportunity of a judger as I claim to be and I focus more on frummies and modern orthodox then on other parts of the frum community. That said it is time to judge and stereotype BT’s otherwise known as Baal Teshuva’s. This past shabbos […]

Judging folks based on the way they wear their tzitzis

February 28, 2007


Up until about a year ago I rarely wore tzitzis, I wore them on shabbos and sometimes in the winter. In the summer the extra layer was a pain and in the winter the tzitzis scratched around under my shirt. Then a girl I was on a date with a girl from frumster and she […]

Judging how frum someone is based on their name

January 15, 2007


I was reading a post by Orthomom when I got this idea because frankly I didn’t agree with most of her post. To continue with the theme of judging people in ridiculous ways I have decided to give people a guide on how to judge folks based on their first names or the way they […]

Gelila: a mockery of the shull reject

December 27, 2006


I posted this several months back- I have reworked it and changed some stuff. Hope you like it. Gelila is a weird event, according to some sources it is held to a very lofty position and one who gets it is honored. Well I have noticed that over the years Gelila has been cast down […]

Ten present but no minyan

December 5, 2006


But there’s ten people here already what are we waiting for? Someone asks over again when they see we are not starting. I have been ashamed of myself many times with this line. It happens all the time and someone always becomes the embarrassed one. Someone always has to jab the guilty party in the […]