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Heshy Fried live in Venice California

March 1, 2010


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Group wants colored shirts banned: says they may be considered beged isha

November 16, 2009


For more Funny Jewish stuff please read my other blog… For some time it has been known that anyone caught wearing a colored shirt in religious communities around the world was likely to be ostracized by the community. Shidduchim, schooling, seminary, even real estate value can all be affected by shirt color. In many communities […]

Shidduch dating can be very awkward

November 16, 2009


For more please read my regular blog at One of the things I like about shidduch dating the most, is the awkwardness. Unlike most normal people, I kind of like those awkward silences when the only sound that can be heard is the crunching of ice or shaking of feet, those times when you […]

Republican Jews and Obama – stand up

March 23, 2009


This is footage taken from my silver spring Maryland show this past Saturday night. Please visit my blog for more

Different ways to respond to people talking during shul

January 5, 2009


Enjoy this blog but please visit my new and improved blog at How can one respond to non-stop shul talking? Is there really any way to stop it, or will it go on through all the pauses and bimah clops forever. Here is a list of the different ways that shuls have tried to […]

New Israeli movie portrays lesbian love in girls seminary

October 12, 2008


If you knew how many people a day came to my site by searching any of a wide variety of frum or chassidic combined with the words porn, sex, gay, lesbian, horny, etc… it would be quite shocking. In fact I would love to see the looks on some of these peoples faces as they […]

Sarah Palin Sheitels come to Brooklyn

October 11, 2008


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Guest poster: Funny thoughts about my conversion to Judaism

October 5, 2008


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