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A drive through the Berkshires: yuppies, dilapidated barns, old mill towns and rich college kids

January 17, 2007


Just a warning to the people with short attention spans. This post is extremely long- 8 pages on word to be exact, I warned you- with that said I happen to think this is one of my best essays in a long time. If enjoy run on sentances, very wordy rants and tons of descriptive […]

Suburban Development and the Rape of Orange County

December 26, 2006


  Proudly displaying their tyvek insulation as if they were billboards on the side of the freeway, the half built houses are scattered up and down the hillsides awaiting their completion. Trees freshly cut are scattered about like Lincoln logs waiting their demise in the teeth of the mulcher. Mud piles and tracks made by […]

TV is more time spent between channels

December 23, 2006


So your sitting at home watching TV and generally waisting your life away in front of the boob tube. You have your chips, popcorn, soda, left over cholent and kugel or any other variety of unhealthy artery clogging foods. Watching your favorite show and just having a ball on a sunday afternoon when all of […]

My distaste of the mall

December 13, 2006


This past Sunday night I decided to go power walking through Crossgates Mall in Albany. A large complex of consumerism mad suburban youth, soccer moms, and thugs. I needed some activity, I hadn’t hiked or rode my bike since last week. I was starting to get antsy I needed some sweaty armpits and some crotch […]

The United States of Wal Mart

October 27, 2006


I have noticed all the anti-Wal Mart redderick comming out these days and have decided to put my two cents in. Readers should note that I have poor spelling and many grammatical errors. Thank You. As most of my fellow readers know I hat large chain stores in any shape or size. Whether you be […]

A rant about Subarbia

October 17, 2006


Please note I am not a rabid anti-capitalist as this rant may denote but I happen to dislike subarbia, further more I do enjoy playing devils advocate so one may never know what my views truly are.  You might as well be anywhere, maybe that’s why it is commonly called “anywhere USA”. The street is […]