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Frum Satire Videos of recent note

October 2, 2008


For those of you that arrived here- you have arrived at my old site. I do use it occasionally to mirror my main site or post videos. Please visit my new site at Artscroll Vs. Birnbaum Jewish Greetings Sukkos Thoughts

Yideoz is this the Jew Tube we have been waiting for

July 21, 2007


So if your like me, you hate searching for something with the words frum in it on Youtube because for some reason everyone under the age of 16 or folks of African American descent have hijacked the word frum and use it as a form of the word frum. Enter Yideoz, the new medium for […]

Extreme Sports Jews

June 27, 2007


Jacob Da Jew has tagged me to talk about my favorite extreme sport, although knowing the frum community is not full of fellow extreme sport enthusiasts he lets anyone who gets tagged in this situation to talk about any sport or activity they are passionate about. 1. What is your sport? My sport is mountain […]

So you want to go to heaven with your 72 virgins…

May 31, 2007


Funny videos poking fun at orthodoxy are hard to come by

May 29, 2007


It has been quite rare that I find a video that actually makes me laugh for real. Usually its one of the fake ones that is forced to make your friend who thinks they found the best video since lazy shabbos. You know what? Besides the thumb dip video and lazy shabbos I have not […]

Yeshiva bochur loses his thumb dipping abilities

May 14, 2007


Many of you can probably devote a good portion of your days debating on what makes a good thumb dip. In fact depending on your religiosity level and the time you spent learning gemara can also greatly effect the intensity of your thumb dipping abilities. For those who took the easy way out and learned […]

I like matzo balls and I cannot lie: crazy video

March 30, 2007


Rollin down da Nile sippin’ on kiddush wine:Pesach Video

March 22, 2007


Rollin down the street smokin’ endo, sippin on gin and juice- Snoop Dog represents and if he find out about this video, which is probably one of the dumbest I have seen yet- thats what makes it so funny- he’ll bust a cap in your tuchus.

Could Youtube be used for Shidduchim?

March 15, 2007


So I was browsing around Youtube today and found two shidduch videos – they are half joking, but still it got me thinking that youtube is the perfect shidduch device. Not only can the person tell you to visit their profile of frumster or tell you about themselves- you actually get to see their personality […]

Video of me biking

March 12, 2007


I feel very cool that I figured out how to put a video up- so I guess I had to show off and put the only digital video I had of me riding- It is not my best work- but what the hey- enjoy. [myvid=tearin up the skate park Add to My Profile | More […]