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I have succumbed to the 8 things you didn’t know about me tag

July 14, 2007


I am sure every single blogger has been tagged and in fact I was tagged 2 weeks ago by Dreams of Who and Esser Aguroth to write this post, I was lazy and didnt feel like it- i know not very nice of me. Well Sara With No H has broken the back of frum […]

Do people really suffer during the “three weeks”?

July 5, 2007


I have been wondering this lately because I in fact suffer immensely during the three weeks. The three weeks are the single most amazing time of the year for concerts and I like many of my fellow music junkies cringe as we look at all the concerts we are missing. I wonder if other folks […]

The Shavuot Post

May 22, 2007


Have an awesome shavuos everyone. The first ever Sinai Stock Music Festival was reminiscent of other festivals for its scenery and wilderness experience. Held in the beautiful Mt Sinai Desert region this festival was anything but normal. I arrived upon the seen and swear that there must have been at least 600,000 men there alone […]

We Didn’t Start the Fire : the frummy version

February 18, 2007


Oh man this post is amazing, it is quite rare that I think so but has a frummy remake of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire”

Jew-Grass: a revolution in Jewish music

February 12, 2007


Like most Jews I think plainly that most Jewish music sucks, at least the stuff that is mainstream and the rest of it I never can find it on the used rack in my local record shop. Yesterday I happened to be in Rochester and was able to hit up one of my favorite used […]

Are you productive in the car?

February 9, 2007


I love to drive and I drive a ton. Somehow my odometer in my 99 Subaru reads 235,000 miles. Driving and music are a fitting combination and thats great because I love music too. I was recently talking with my buddy Kalman a fellow music junky who drives a lot for work and he told […]

This album review is lovely

January 23, 2007


I picked up one of many alternative weeklies while I was used book and cd shopping last week in Northhampton Mass. I absolutely loved this album Review by staff writer. Tom Sturm- I have never heard of this band and have no idea what they sound like by the way. Road- (Merry Go Room) by […]

A drive through the Berkshires: yuppies, dilapidated barns, old mill towns and rich college kids

January 17, 2007


Just a warning to the people with short attention spans. This post is extremely long- 8 pages on word to be exact, I warned you- with that said I happen to think this is one of my best essays in a long time. If enjoy run on sentances, very wordy rants and tons of descriptive […]

What is considered Jewish music?

January 14, 2007


I read this post concerning the efinition of Jewish music. Since he quoted Anthrax and Living Colour songs and I am a metal head I found it quite entertaining as well as bringing up the age old arguement about how Shlock Rock and regular music is really one and the same. He also brings up […]

Rhino Records

December 5, 2006


It was cold yesterday, a cold front dipped in from the north and blanketed the area with the first hints of winter, the first weather band radio reports of any snow at all squeaked out of my weather band as I drove up route 32 bypassing the ugly costly Thruway. IA figured if I saw […]