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My distaste of the mall

December 13, 2006


This past Sunday night I decided to go power walking through Crossgates Mall in Albany. A large complex of consumerism mad suburban youth, soccer moms, and thugs. I needed some activity, I hadn’t hiked or rode my bike since last week. I was starting to get antsy I needed some sweaty armpits and some crotch […]

The Marijuana Debate

November 9, 2006


If marijuana was legal would you smoke? And so the infamous question of which I have been asked in many different ways was thrust upon me. I have been fielding the “why don’t you smoke?” questions ever since I was around 15 years old. Its usually a bunch of us sitting in a car before […]

I guess I’m just old skool

November 1, 2006


TV’s, I-Pod’s, mp3 players, netflix, fresh direct,, ATM’s, drive thru coffee houses, GPS systems, digital cameras etc….. I hate them, I say I hate them and continue to cringe every time I see someone trying to navigate through the streets using their damned GPS in their car or another commercial showing how happy everyone […]