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Are your uf-ruf candy throwing skills up to par?

July 31, 2007


If you are wondering where the latest post went to- you have to visit my new site where all the comments are in tact and growing. Have you ever seen two guys get into a fight only to be pulled off one another by their supportive friends? Each guy goes back to his group […]

Do you have S.A.D.D. (shull attention deficit disorder)?

July 30, 2007


The address of this blog has changed to If you are wondering where the latest post went to- you have to visit my new site where all the comments are in tact and growing. Do you have SADD (shull attention deficit disorder)? You have read the shull announcement sheet 5 times, but still […]

Video tribute to all my frumster and facebook stalkers

July 28, 2007


So since I have a whole bunch of facebook and frumster stalkers I figured I would put up this video that FFSA sent me.

Thoughts I had in shull on Tisha Ba’av

July 25, 2007


He looked as if her were constipated though that was not the case, his face was frozen in this half grunt half intent concentration as he maneuvered the small tip of his eye glasses into the mine in search of some golden goodies to deposit onto the floor next to him. He concentrated very intently […]

The sick things people do to make it through a fast

July 24, 2007


Please visit my new site at So I am talking to my buddy about how our fasts are going and he tells me that its his best fast ever. Why might that be I ask? Well my buddy is a caffeine addict and he will inevitably ruin his fast without a high dosage of […]

So they make a lecture coed and call it a singles event

July 22, 2007


I have been noticing something interesting lately, there are many ads in various places for these singles events that are speeches usually about musar. In normal cases these speeches would probably be given to single sex crowds, so I guess by making them coed they think they are making a singles event. Just doesn’t seem […]

Yideoz is this the Jew Tube we have been waiting for

July 21, 2007


So if your like me, you hate searching for something with the words frum in it on Youtube because for some reason everyone under the age of 16 or folks of African American descent have hijacked the word frum and use it as a form of the word frum. Enter Yideoz, the new medium for […]

Have you ever watched non-Jew order something in a kosher pizza store

July 19, 2007


The address of this blog has changed to I Cannot Count the number of times that I have witnessed a non Jew come into a kosher pizza store and try and order something that was not available. It always starts the same way, two guys, they are always guys for some reason- usually who […]

Funny shabbos missed connection ad from craigslist

July 19, 2007


I guess some folks are just scared to say good shabbos eh… I figured I would post this short but funny ad from craigslist as a follow up to the “how do you say good shabbos” post new york craigslist > new jersey > missed connections please flag with care: miscategorized prohibited spam discussion best […]

Shidduch Woes: This date insulted me multiple times

July 18, 2007


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