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Frum Satire Comedy Show: November 8 in NYC

October 22, 2007


If you have not noticed, this site has moved to I was recently contacted by David Klimnick, a frum stand up comedian in Israel and asked if I wanted to participate in a show he was going to be doing in New York City. At first I was excited, and then a bit nervous […]

This sites address has changed to

August 8, 2007


My new websites address is I would appreciate it if all those who have me on their blogroll can update the address, I have emailed many of you and I am trying to get everyone over to my new site. Please note that there are only a few changes. Most notably I was able […]

Do you have S.A.D.D. (shull attention deficit disorder)?

July 30, 2007


The address of this blog has changed to If you are wondering where the latest post went to- you have to visit my new site where all the comments are in tact and growing. Do you have SADD (shull attention deficit disorder)? You have read the shull announcement sheet 5 times, but still […]

Thoughts I had in shull on Tisha Ba’av

July 25, 2007


He looked as if her were constipated though that was not the case, his face was frozen in this half grunt half intent concentration as he maneuvered the small tip of his eye glasses into the mine in search of some golden goodies to deposit onto the floor next to him. He concentrated very intently […]

The sick things people do to make it through a fast

July 24, 2007


Please visit my new site at So I am talking to my buddy about how our fasts are going and he tells me that its his best fast ever. Why might that be I ask? Well my buddy is a caffeine addict and he will inevitably ruin his fast without a high dosage of […]

Bime Hockers and Bima Slumpers: An inside look at bima real estate

June 2, 2007


All you need to know is that Bima Hockers are the dudes standing around the bima that orchestrate everything. How they came to be Bima Hockers is another story, they may have first been the signal guy signing to the lainer and telling him how to sing the trup and quietly telling him how to […]

The shulls I davened at while growing up on the Upper West Side

May 30, 2007


As a child my family went to the Carlebach shull, recently I found out that the wedding singer at my parents wedding was Reb Shlomo himself- I found this odd because my father is not exactly what you would call a Carlbachian. So any way, in the early 90s we suddenly switched shulls, which on […]