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Does speaking against crazy Chumra’s mean you hate frum Jews?

February 15, 2007


In honor of the chumra of the month posting I have received a lot of hate mail. Even Life-of-Rubin has taken up my cause. Kudos to you brave souls who trust me not to gather up all your email addresses and sell them to Only Simchas or Jdate. “Why do you hate frum Jews so […]

Do Frummies not understand the title of my site?

February 15, 2007


So I decided to publish these two comments below because the person reading my site obviously has no idea what SATIRE means and actually wins the award for spelling worse than I do- I know who thought it was possible? Ok in regards to the issuring of Miami, I understand that you think it should […]

Chumra of the Month Club: Miami is Assur

February 15, 2007


Ok I told you that every month the charedim have to keep up their quota of wacky chumras, whether its for publicity or to just keep their die hard folowers in check and to make sure the Rabbis actually do something besides cover up sexual abuse scandals, and twirl their peyos. Well boys and Girls […]

Chumra of the month club: what will they ban next?

February 1, 2007


Chumra of the month club what will they ban next? They could ban all women’s gyms since, they partake in unztnius activities even though its behind closed doors. Also the better shape women are in, the more likely they are to leave their overweight beer bellied husbands. Maybe they could make women wear their robes […]

Woman on # 2 Bus is Beaten by Charedi Men

December 27, 2006


A friend of mine sent me this article from Haaretz. It is shocking and horrible- so why not spread the negativity as some of you may think. But actually this is just the tip of the iceberg with regards to the “frummer than thou” mentality that has already existed in Israel with the throwing stones […]

Dick Cheneys Daughter is a Lesbian and Pregnant

December 7, 2006


So Dick Cheneys daughter is pregnant and the Conservatives are pissed off, what else is new. Why are they so pissed off? How many people “must” follow in the opinions of their parents? Would the be happy if she was a single teenage mother instead with no means of support and be born into a […]

Tis the season for consumerism

November 7, 2006


  It started over a month ago — even before Halloween. The television commercials, the flyers in the mail, the decorations in the mall. Christmas is now a two-month event — one long blowout sale. But there’s also no shortage of people decrying the commercialization of the holidays. The criticism itself is nothing new. People […]

Frummies and Politics

October 11, 2006


So your sitting there minding your own business peacefully scarfing down your matza ball soup with those little yellow croutons, when suddenly someone delves into the sketchy subject of how good of a job our dear president is doing.Everyone pipes in their two cents about how well the war on terror is going, and how […]

Conservatives: a bunch of hypocrites

June 26, 2006


Originally the whole point of conservatism was the freedom of doing whatever you wanted as long as you didn't interfere with anothers' self preservation- the John Locke way- this is how our founding fathers intended it. BUT lately this countries conservatives have gone the way of the fascist.  Conservatives want States to have a bulk […]