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Were you a yeshiva rebel (kid at risk)???

April 30, 2007


Two of my posts Singles Weekend and Guide to Labeling Frummies have been nominated for best humor post in the JIB Awards Click the JIB link to vote. Your strutting down the street smoking a cigarette wearing 30 inch wide leg Jnco jeans, have one of those No-Fear T-shirts on and are headed to another […]

The best ways to mess with Baal Teshuva’s

April 26, 2007


Please visit my new site at There was some kid at the kosher kitchen today where I mashgiach once in a while- who switched the way he was facing during benching so as a joke I told him to face the other way like in shmona esray and all the sudden I had an […]

Hallel on Yom Haatzmaut: just another modern orthodox stereotype

April 24, 2007


Mr. Ice Horse has alerted me to a dillema- 600-1000 hits a day on this site and only 51 votes- people you are really disappointing me. Please click this link and vote Frum Satire- the best in humor blog. My roommate came home last night and said they had said hallel for yom aatzmaut in […]

My weekend in Baltimore rocked

April 23, 2007


My weekend started Thursday night with a beautiful 20 mile ride through the rolling hills of Harriman state park, and it just got better from there. My brother has been going to this thing called Cholent lately- basically a get together of random folks in some shull in Manhattan- they schmooze and jam and eat […]

Vote Frum Satire as the best Jewish Humor Blog

April 22, 2007


The voting has just started and I wanted to let you all know that I would love it if you could head over to the Jewish Israeli Blog awards and cast your vote- I am in group A of the best in class- under Humor. This is the main page for the voting. So cast […]

Rabosy Nivurech/Mir Velen Benchen: a guide to stereotyping

April 17, 2007


I am sure many of my male and some of female readers have had the opportunity to bench for the mizuman at other peoples houses. I have noticed a few things in my benching days. First of all, you can tell a lot about a person based on what sort of benching starter they choose […]

Yet another frumster rant

April 15, 2007


So I sucked it up waited for the sale that I keep seeing in my mailbox and joined frumster a couple weeks ago. I tweaked my profile and continue to change it every few days- it was exciting to get back in the frumster groove. Before I knew it I had pretty much searched through […]

Vote for Frum Satire as the best in humor blog

April 14, 2007


I have received this email- I had no idea of this- but thank you to whomever nominated me. If you vote for me even better. You can also nominate my posts as best posts etc… Shalom! Your blog has been nominated for the 2007 Jewish & Israeli Blog Awards, Best in Class: Jewish Humor Blog […]

My blog has been mentioned in the NJ Jewish News

April 14, 2007


About two weeks ago I was contacted by the New Jersey Jewish news because they were doing an article on Jews who are into the outdoors. The rest is history- Johanna Ginsburg had found my frumoutdoorsman blog and coincidentally was also a reader of this blog although it took her a little while to put […]

Say goodbye to bima clops: Technology to remind you to say Mored Hatal

April 11, 2007


My father mentioned over Pesach that he had recently went to daven in a shull in Brooklyn that had a new technology he had never seen. Actually my dad has never even used a computer so maybe it’s been around for a while for all I know. Instead of the old fashioned clop on the […]