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Judging folks based on the way they wear their tzitzis

February 28, 2007


Up until about a year ago I rarely wore tzitzis, I wore them on shabbos and sometimes in the winter. In the summer the extra layer was a pain and in the winter the tzitzis scratched around under my shirt. Then a girl I was on a date with a girl from frumster and she […]

New Funny Jewish Blog

February 28, 2007


Jacob Da Jew has made a new blog devoted to jokes and funnies. He wants your input and will give you hat tips. Visit his new site.

American Idol like auditions for shull president!!!

February 27, 2007


Susanne’s Blog has this post about her shull the Mt. Sinai Shull in Washington Heights- the up and coming singles scene for non-shallow, poorer versions of the Upper West Side folks. This shull was rated by me as the top shull for looking over the mechitza. And for having a great shalosh suedos. Apparently the […]

Friday night at OZ kingdom of singledom

February 27, 2007


Upon entering the main sanctuary I had no idea that they were davening, the chatter was so loud that I was reminded of eating out on Sunday nights at kosher Chinese restaurants and not being able to hear what anyone was saying over the insanity of a million conversations at once. But indeed not only […]

Mishpacha mgazine if full of it!!!

February 26, 2007


So everybody loves the topic of ridiculous questions that shadchuns and other folks within the matchmaking field ask. Numerous websites and articles tend to be critical of how out of hand the situation has become. I have even written a list of ridiculous questions folks may ask as the external judgments within the frum community […]

MODERN orthodox: stereotyping and judging

February 21, 2007


Please visit my new site for a response: MODERN orthodox or as Frumster likes to call them modern orthodox Liberal. Some folks call them the real MO, or some like to say they hijacked modern orthodoxy and created this religion solely based on not being shomer negia and not adhering to the laws of […]

FREE – Boxspring for diabolical revenge plot

February 20, 2007


It looks like a normal boxspring, but if you secretly replace your sworn enemy‚Äôs queen boxspring with this one, revenge will be assured! The incessant squeaking of this sturdy foundation will torment your hated victim through the night! With every toss and turn, the grating of metal on metal will penetrate the subconscious, conjuring dreams […]