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My blog has been mentioned in the NJ Jewish News

April 14, 2007


About two weeks ago I was contacted by the New Jersey Jewish news because they were doing an article on Jews who are into the outdoors. The rest is history- Johanna Ginsburg had found my frumoutdoorsman blog and coincidentally was also a reader of this blog although it took her a little while to put […]

Mazel Tov Winter is back!!!

January 24, 2007


Winter is back. The snow has not returned to its full glory, but the cold depressing freezingness of lonely winter has begun to take advantage of the land. The grass has turned to its usual grayish brown, stamped down, unable to rise until those first rains and thaws of April take the poor trampled on […]

Wilderness: Red Bull for the soul

December 1, 2006


Some folks find it at the Kotel, some find it in arguing for hours about the legislative philosophies in the Talmud, some wear all white and meditate while thinking of G-dly images, some smoke herbs, some trip on mushrooms, some view sex as the way to enlightenment and a way to get closer to G-d, […]

Porcupine Rim – Moab, UT

November 15, 2006


Man its only 8 in the morning and its already 80 degrees, I thought to myself as we continued to rise above the Utah desert floor, as we rose the vegetation changed. The sides of the road were pornographic to me, steep angled smooth rock slats stretched as far as the eye can see, these […]

Mountain biking and broken engagements

October 11, 2006


I felt it oppurtune time to start a little ranting about my broken engagement which occured on April 18, 2006 My own therapy: My brand new bike is on my roof. My previous one was stolen out of the back of my car. Reel Big Fish is blaring on my radio- they sing of skateboarding, […]

Kayaking in Cooperstown

June 25, 2006


Yesterday (6/18/06) Squinting sweating, and extremely thirsty at the same time, I role over and check my watch sitting on my sun baked window sill. 10:15am, not too bad, why the hell is it so hot already I wonder to myself. I take a swig from the lemon lime seltzer that is perched up against […]