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I have succumbed to the 8 things you didn’t know about me tag

July 14, 2007


I am sure every single blogger has been tagged and in fact I was tagged 2 weeks ago by Dreams of Who and Esser Aguroth to write this post, I was lazy and didnt feel like it- i know not very nice of me. Well Sara With No H has broken the back of frum […]

Extreme Sports Jews

June 27, 2007


Jacob Da Jew has tagged me to talk about my favorite extreme sport, although knowing the frum community is not full of fellow extreme sport enthusiasts he lets anyone who gets tagged in this situation to talk about any sport or activity they are passionate about. 1. What is your sport? My sport is mountain […]

Rednecks and Charedim are pretty similar

March 18, 2007


Have you ever realized that ultra orthodox and trailer trash have a lot of things in common? I was talking with my dear friend John Dickens over supper last week and we came up with a bunch of similarities between the two groups. One of the most common similarities are the cars, no rednecks don’t […]

My expereinces being searched at the Canadian border

January 27, 2007


Through my numerous road tripping adventures I have had to cross the Canadian border many times. Mostly uneventful regular questions, quickened heart beats, balls stuck in my thoat and a casual look in the trunk is all I get. But there have been several occasions on which I have had to undergo extensive waiting around […]

Mazel Tov Winter is back!!!

January 24, 2007


Winter is back. The snow has not returned to its full glory, but the cold depressing freezingness of lonely winter has begun to take advantage of the land. The grass has turned to its usual grayish brown, stamped down, unable to rise until those first rains and thaws of April take the poor trampled on […]

A drive through the Berkshires: yuppies, dilapidated barns, old mill towns and rich college kids

January 17, 2007


Just a warning to the people with short attention spans. This post is extremely long- 8 pages on word to be exact, I warned you- with that said I happen to think this is one of my best essays in a long time. If enjoy run on sentances, very wordy rants and tons of descriptive […]

A tribute to the Cars I have owned

January 14, 2007


My first car was a 1992 Toyota Camary given to me by my father. It looked like a  POS to put it nicely but worked quite well. I cant remember how many miles were on it, but I basically drove it into the ground and then purchased a nicer vehicle for my road trip adventures. […]