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What do you think about during shmona esray?

July 10, 2007


Mel asked me to write a post on this and I thought it was a great question. What do you think about during shmona esray? I would have to say that every day is different, I think that shmona esray is the one prayer in all of davening where all the distractions are gone and […]

Artscroll: Monopolizing the siddur market

June 4, 2007


When I was a kid the Shiloh Siddur was king, that blue large printed siddur was all I used. I remember how the siddurs cover would become tattred and then the little threads would all start coming loose until you had to tear them off because it was too addicting. The Shiloh Siddur came in […]

Bime Hockers and Bima Slumpers: An inside look at bima real estate

June 2, 2007


All you need to know is that Bima Hockers are the dudes standing around the bima that orchestrate everything. How they came to be Bima Hockers is another story, they may have first been the signal guy signing to the lainer and telling him how to sing the trup and quietly telling him how to […]

Judging folks based on their birchas hatorah

May 26, 2007


I have come to the conclusion that one of the hardest ways to judge people, is based on the way they make their bracha when the called up to the torah. There are millions of other ways, but getting called up to the torah and making the brachas is one of those things that everyone […]

Shavuos night learning

May 25, 2007


Taking a look around the beis medrish I was seated in on shavuos night I noticed an interesting phenomena, most of the guys were not learning. In fact many of the guys didn’t even have seforim open to make it appear as they were learning. I learned for about 1 hour before the age old […]

The Shavuot Post

May 22, 2007


Have an awesome shavuos everyone. The first ever Sinai Stock Music Festival was reminiscent of other festivals for its scenery and wilderness experience. Held in the beautiful Mt Sinai Desert region this festival was anything but normal. I arrived upon the seen and swear that there must have been at least 600,000 men there alone […]

Yeshiva bochur loses his thumb dipping abilities

May 14, 2007


Many of you can probably devote a good portion of your days debating on what makes a good thumb dip. In fact depending on your religiosity level and the time you spent learning gemara can also greatly effect the intensity of your thumb dipping abilities. For those who took the easy way out and learned […]

An apology to my readers

May 12, 2007


You know a lot of things can go to your head, money, fame, honor- or 100,000 hits 50 random emails a week and multiple comments on posts. Well this past week for some reason or another I decided to post up a few things I shouldn’t have. I decided to post up material that really […]

Is weed kosher for pesach?

March 28, 2007


Hat tip to Married in Brooklyn for finding this article concerning that marijuana is kitnyot– shocking to me- but even more shocking to my friends who like to get stoned at the seder and eat their bitter herbs with a big smirk on their faces. Thank God mushrooms are not kitnyot for what are strictly […]

Do Frummies not understand the title of my site?

February 15, 2007


So I decided to publish these two comments below because the person reading my site obviously has no idea what SATIRE means and actually wins the award for spelling worse than I do- I know who thought it was possible? Ok in regards to the issuring of Miami, I understand that you think it should […]