My email address is

Hate mail as well as fan mail is accepted. I also accept shidduch suggestions, I am single and looking. I also do write for a couple people in various capacities and if you have any suggestions for me I appreciate them.

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  1. dude i think i know you – which chofetz chaim did u go to !

  2. To figure that out you will have to read the rest of the site

  3. Yo, your blogs are improving. Wittiness abounds, but grammar, spelling, and word choice remain cast to the four winds.
    A trail is devoid of life, not void of life. A lake is unseen, not unforseen, unless you were to plunge headfirst into an unforseen lake of Ora girls.
    As for the Guns and Moses, and Pharaoh’s partial birth abortion stuff–genius. Keep up the great work.

  4. We are returning from New Zealand, b’i neder this comming week and hope to home in Columbia County. If you want a gleze tey or a decent cuppa plunger coffee, just send me an email.

    ps. have just discoveredyour cite and enjoy your writings


  5. Yo Hesh, ur retarded,could u email me the tiuny stuff u took off
    P.S. I’m Crazy Like That!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. hee hee these are really funny and (mostly) true

  7. Hey if you guys want to email me- you have to physically email me by going and sending your correspondance to:

  8. Bless you for throwing some much-needed light on the heimishe olom.(Pay no attention to those little black things scurrying off into the corners.)Mitzvah gedolah lihyot besimcha tamid!!!!!

  9. Been enjoying your blog – you have a talent with words, but you should really bone up on your spelling and grammar. It would make your comments 1) less of a chore to read and 2) a lot more credible. Keep up the good work, but don’t make us want to edit as we read.

  10. Rebbe…
    According to Fiddler on the roof we found out that THERE IS A PROPER PRAYER FOR THE CZAR!!!!
    My question is….
    Is ther a proper prayer for Osama???
    abi gezunt

  11. Going to a vort Saturday night- modern Orthodox (knit kippot). What should I wear?

  12. Please email me and visit my new site at

  13. My family owns 40 acres in Seldovia Alaska (my husband grew up there) and my husband and boys are getting ready to do a road trip from Pittsburgh to Seldovia in a few weeks. If you are in ever in Pittsburgh for a Shabbos let us know. We have lots of stories to tell of frumkite, traveling and Alaska.
    Did you encounter any Jews in Fort Nelson area? They are going to be in that part of the world on a Shabbos and would love to have some Jewish connection.
    Be in touch fellow traveler. Still looking for a shidach?

  14. By the way my email address is


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