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Jewish Comedy Blog

June 16, 2008


Jewish Comedy Blog please click the link for the updated version of this site. I have not blogged on here in over a year.

Frum Satire Comedy Show: November 8 in NYC

October 22, 2007


If you have not noticed, this site has moved to I was recently contacted by David Klimnick, a frum stand up comedian in Israel and asked if I wanted to participate in a show he was going to be doing in New York City. At first I was excited, and then a bit nervous […]

This sites address has changed to

August 8, 2007


My new websites address is I would appreciate it if all those who have me on their blogroll can update the address, I have emailed many of you and I am trying to get everyone over to my new site. Please note that there are only a few changes. Most notably I was able […]

Nothing like some crazy Charedi Chumras to get your blood boiling

August 2, 2007


Please visit my new site at for all the latest posts and comments. Reemember my big list of crazy bans and chumras– well here you have it boys and girls- the charedim in Israel are banning frummy concerts. ( Hassidic music stars Avraham Fried and Yaakov Shwekey are to perform in Jerusalem before over […]

Have you ever watched non-Jew order something in a kosher pizza store

July 19, 2007


The address of this blog has changed to I Cannot Count the number of times that I have witnessed a non Jew come into a kosher pizza store and try and order something that was not available. It always starts the same way, two guys, they are always guys for some reason- usually who […]

Whats stopping you from keeping cholov yisroel?

July 11, 2007


I decided that the only thing stopping me from keeping cholov yisroel is Chubby Hubby, Half Baked, Mint Chocolate Cookie, Chunky Monkey, The Bar, New York Super Fudge Chunk, and Strawberry Cheesecake. Without a pint of Ben and Jerry’s at my side I do not know what I would do when hunger strikes and the […]

The Catskills: a summer long sociological study of frummies

July 1, 2007


Note: the links featured in this post are all to older posts that directly correspond to the terms used. Directly in front of me large Huts ketchup cans were stacked neatly on top of each other, their metal tops glinted off the flickering fluorescent bulbs that had probably been flickering for years due to the […]

Environmentally friendly shulls: the way of the future

June 21, 2007


When JTS agreed to ordain Gay Rabbis, Judaism started getting real progressive, I know it’s hardly likely that orthodox Jews will ever push to keep with the progressivism of Conservative Judaism, but we can always look for ways to compete. After all adding a couple of crazy liberals to the orthodox shull society was never […]

Categorizing different kasharus levels

June 18, 2007


My buddy recently went to the Upper West Side for a shabbos of boring conversation, shallow questions and a shidduch marathon which means 3-5 dates over a weekend. He found something interesting, when he asked many people where he could take a girl to eat, being as he is not from New York, they would […]

Tis the season for weddings and I will tell the story of each

June 14, 2007


I shifted my weight from one cheek to the next on my little folding plastic chair. If this had been an indoor chupa I am sure the noise would have caused a couple of annoyed folks to turn around, however this wedding, was outdoors. The last outdoors chupa I went to almost blew away during […]