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Two hilarious things that happened today

June 28, 2007


First of all I was checking the search terms of the week- which by the way are viewable on the top of this page and updated every week, and noticed by far one of the funniest terms yet “kosher edible panty” This made me laugh my ass off. I wonder if they will start searching […]

Extreme Sports Jews

June 27, 2007


Jacob Da Jew has tagged me to talk about my favorite extreme sport, although knowing the frum community is not full of fellow extreme sport enthusiasts he lets anyone who gets tagged in this situation to talk about any sport or activity they are passionate about. 1. What is your sport? My sport is mountain […]

Judging women based on their style of hair covering

June 27, 2007


The address of this blog has changed to Women in the frum community are judged by many things, how well they can make a kugel, how many children they can have while they are still teenagers, how fast they can roll one of those huge strollers- to shull on shabbos morning, even how rude […]

My First Interracial Wedding

June 26, 2007


I broke off a small piece of chocolate babka and sampled it to test its moistness, you really could never know with babka, sometimes it melts in your mouth and other times it feels like an energy bar sticking to the roof of your mouth and preventing your voice box from working like in that […]

I have created a Public Forum Page

June 25, 2007


On the top of the blog you should note that I have created a public forum page as was requested by one of my regulars- I have decided to test it out for a month and see where it goes. It is only a trial to see if it does not interfere with the comments […]

Today is the one year anniversary of this blog

June 25, 2007


Exactly one year ago today (6/25/06) I was sitting in the house of Sarah Zeldman in Toronto and she made me this blog. Prior to discussing the fact that I had just started writing some shidduch rants and putting them on craigslist I had never seen nor heard of a blog. Sarah encouraged me to […]

I have a history with Black Hats…

June 24, 2007


I remember when I got my first hat, my father and I went to Kova Hats in Brooklyn a store a buddy of his from yeshiva owned. We walked in and after looking at one hat walked right out, turned on our heels before little more then “vus machs du” could be uttered. My father […]

Do you have frumster or facebook stalkers???

June 22, 2007


So for those of you who don’t know, frumster has this nifty little feature that allows you to see who looked at your profile and the last time it was looked at. So I have a circulation of girls who are obviously trying to get my attention by constantly being the last person to have […]

Maxim Magazine features women of the IDF

June 21, 2007


The address of this blog has changed to So Maxim Magazine one of the best magazines out there- I had a subscription to my house in 11th and 12th grade- is featuring the Girls of the Israeli Defense Force this month. I am more then thrilled, of course in my old age I do […]

Environmentally friendly shulls: the way of the future

June 21, 2007


When JTS agreed to ordain Gay Rabbis, Judaism started getting real progressive, I know it’s hardly likely that orthodox Jews will ever push to keep with the progressivism of Conservative Judaism, but we can always look for ways to compete. After all adding a couple of crazy liberals to the orthodox shull society was never […]