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If people are born gay at what age should we tell them?

July 2, 2007


So I was reading through last weeks Village Voice which surprisingly had a special section devoted to Gay issues- though I was shocked at such a paper for showing this I read on. I personally would be considered a Democrat- not I did not say liberal- when it comes to Gay Issues- gay pride aint […]

Aish Vs. Chabad: The war has come to Campus

January 29, 2007


Turf wars between Aish and Chabad are nothing new, but they just took a new twist, now Aish will be on Campus, which is Chabads traditional fortay originally coming in the late 1960s when the whole frum world laughed at them for trying to bring Judaism to campus. Aish Hatorah no doubt is a great […]

To persumay nisa or not

December 20, 2006


To have a public menorah or not, that is the question? And so this past Friday night an argument ensued between my dad and his friend and my brother and I. Our side took the position that we should publicize the miracle and have some sort of display, why should the Christmas trees take up […]

Gay Penguins

December 14, 2006


I was handed a children’s book to read that my friend Mendel’s kid had brought home from the library. The book was about penguins in a zoo, it talked about all the penguins that swam and hung out with each other. It stated that there was Sally and Joe and other penguins that were girls […]

Dick Cheneys Daughter is a Lesbian and Pregnant

December 7, 2006


So Dick Cheneys daughter is pregnant and the Conservatives are pissed off, what else is new. Why are they so pissed off? How many people “must” follow in the opinions of their parents? Would the be happy if she was a single teenage mother instead with no means of support and be born into a […]

Jewish Community Politics

October 17, 2006


You may think your city is the worst, everyone always does, but let me tell you something from my personal experience, every city is bad. Every city has their yeshiva’s, semi kosher unsupervised vegan Indian restaurants, shulls with mechitzas that are- too short, see through, too tall, too thick, too thin. Shulls with too many […]

Frummies and Politics

October 11, 2006


So your sitting there minding your own business peacefully scarfing down your matza ball soup with those little yellow croutons, when suddenly someone delves into the sketchy subject of how good of a job our dear president is doing.Everyone pipes in their two cents about how well the war on terror is going, and how […]