Dick Cheneys Daughter is a Lesbian and Pregnant

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So Dick Cheneys daughter is pregnant and the Conservatives are pissed off, what else is new. Why are they so pissed off? How many people “must” follow in the opinions of their parents? Would the be happy if she was a single teenage mother instead with no means of support and be born into a lifestyle that is not conducive to raising children. You know, single teenage mothers aren’t the most responsible bunch, yes of course there are exceptions, but if your 15 and you get pregnant you probably had the whole philosophy of “I will never happen to me”. Condoms are so easy and you messed up, but here we have two responsible adults who happen to be of the same sex, big deal, and they decide to bring a child into the world and give him or her a home.

Why does this boil the blood of conservatives and other right wingers across the land. My old man will say it’s the breakdown of morals in society, the classic talking points of orthodox Jews worldwide. I understand that gay parades in holy cities with a bunch of Israelis in pink thongs bringing back memories of the Greek Olympics during the story of Chanukah, but what exactly are the morals of society.

I mean is it better to have a child in a two parent home that gets a divorce- because over 50% of families do that nowadays? Or is it better to have a husband and wife who constantly fight and one of them cheats on the other kind of like the posts about Craigs List? It seems that not should gays and lesbians be able to bring children into the world, they should be pushed to adopt children as well. Since the community is so gung ho about marriage and getting rid of this civil union cop out pushed on by right wingers everywhere to deprive people the right to live in peace- might as well empty out some of the foster care system-which from the kids I have met who have passed through it- a pretty crappy place to be.

But the breakdown of morals man (in Cheech & Chong voice)The torah says this, and the bible says that blah, blah, blah. Ok fine you got me there, but what if half the country were Mormons or Mennonites would you then have to listen to what their religion mandates. Oh but we are a Judeo Christian country, is the classic response. So why do we not have a bais din with public executions, and maybe we can throw in some forced baptism rules reminiscent of the Crusade days. Making a country more religious does not solve anything, if anything it hurts the rights of those who do not follow the religion with which you are mandating all the laws and regulations by.

Have any of you people heard of the Tyranny of the Majority you know, Madison, Mill and Tocqueville. This is the whole point of Democracy, government is a necessary evil, that needs to be checked. Ok I am not going to give a lesson here on the foundations of Democracy and self preservation and natural rights and all that jazz.