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The United States of Wal Mart

October 27, 2006


I have noticed all the anti-Wal Mart redderick comming out these days and have decided to put my two cents in. Readers should note that I have poor spelling and many grammatical errors. Thank You. As most of my fellow readers know I hat large chain stores in any shape or size. Whether you be […]

A rant about Subarbia

October 17, 2006


Please note I am not a rabid anti-capitalist as this rant may denote but I happen to dislike subarbia, further more I do enjoy playing devils advocate so one may never know what my views truly are.  You might as well be anywhere, maybe that’s why it is commonly called “anywhere USA”. The street is […]

Strip malls: offering choice to the subarbanized consumer

June 25, 2006


It does not even appear to be night as I veer off the trench freeway and thrust my car onto a serious of ramps that ultimately lead to a street called (enter your own) boulevard. I can see all the signs bursting forth with light illuminating the jet black sky and creating an alien like […]