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Shadchuns really do ask the most ridiculous questions!!!

June 9, 2007


Please visit my new site at I recently spoke to a shadchun and she asked me some of the most ridiculous questions ever, I of course had to give ridiculous answers just to mess with her and show her how stupid the questions were. In keeping with tradition I had a pen and paper […]

The all inclusive guide to judging and labeling every orthodox Jewish sect

May 1, 2007


Please visit my new blog at So these days there has been lots of talk about labels within Judaism, just last night I was talking to my aunt who was saying that I should go out with girls from this and that kind of schools because you cant get a yeshivish but you also […]

Streimels Vs. Spudicks: you decide

February 7, 2007


I have always felt that Streimels are way cooler looking than Spudicks, but until recently I never thought of their functionality, I only looked at it from an external materialistic standpoint. Just like the pancake chasidish hats, I felt streimels were more unique than their cousins the spudick simply because the spudick can be easily […]

Ever have an annoying plane seat neighbor?

January 31, 2007


Compliements of The Muqata Blog He sent me this email and I wanted to share it with you. If you are sitting next to someone who irritates you on a plane – and let’s be honest, we’ve all been there…… 1. Quietly and calmly open up your laptop case. 2. Remove your laptop. 3. Boot […]

Shmuely Hillfaygallach and his Frummy Fashion Show

January 18, 2007


  The crowd of sheitle hookers, sheitle machers, shadchuns, 13th avenue business owners, Rabbonim and others gather to view Shmuely Hillfaygalach’s newest in frummy fashion. The seating is separate divided by the runway in the middle of the room, which is really just some social hall in Brooklyn college where all the random frummy concerts […]

Some Links to older classic posts from my IPO

January 16, 2007


In the past couple weeks I have been avergaing about 500 hits a day on my blog and have noticed that some of my older material which is very good gets passed over and just wanted to share with you some links to find this stuff quickly. One of my all time favorites is this […]

Judging folks based on Yarmulke Style

January 7, 2007


Please visit my new site at People love to judge, frum Jews need to and love to judge too. They need to judge because the person they are trusting may be serving non-kosher food and therefore need to use their judgment as to weather that person is trustworthy or not. The easiest way to […]