Some Links to older classic posts from my IPO

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In the past couple weeks I have been avergaing about 500 hits a day on my blog and have noticed that some of my older material which is very good gets passed over and just wanted to share with you some links to find this stuff quickly. One of my all time favorites is this article about how I just love to talk to shadchunim.  Have you ever noticed the similarities between chabadnicks and elvis impersonators– well I have. This is what happens when you decide to have a Lubavitch wedding without the ever famous jugs of Smiranoff being passed around. One of my favorite postings about food at a wedding including some Jewish Geography rants can be had if you click here. And finally a tribute to some offended shadchuns that complained about my one sided arguement against them.

I hope you enjoy some of the material that first appeared on my site when I began it in the end of June. Thank for reading and comments are appreciated.