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Nothing like some crazy Charedi Chumras to get your blood boiling

August 2, 2007


Please visit my new site at for all the latest posts and comments. Reemember my big list of crazy bans and chumras– well here you have it boys and girls- the charedim in Israel are banning frummy concerts. ( Hassidic music stars Avraham Fried and Yaakov Shwekey are to perform in Jerusalem before over […]

Shidduch Woes: This date insulted me multiple times

July 18, 2007


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Whats stopping you from keeping cholov yisroel?

July 11, 2007


I decided that the only thing stopping me from keeping cholov yisroel is Chubby Hubby, Half Baked, Mint Chocolate Cookie, Chunky Monkey, The Bar, New York Super Fudge Chunk, and Strawberry Cheesecake. Without a pint of Ben and Jerry’s at my side I do not know what I would do when hunger strikes and the […]

What do you think about during shmona esray?

July 10, 2007


Mel asked me to write a post on this and I thought it was a great question. What do you think about during shmona esray? I would have to say that every day is different, I think that shmona esray is the one prayer in all of davening where all the distractions are gone and […]

Do people really suffer during the “three weeks”?

July 5, 2007


I have been wondering this lately because I in fact suffer immensely during the three weeks. The three weeks are the single most amazing time of the year for concerts and I like many of my fellow music junkies cringe as we look at all the concerts we are missing. I wonder if other folks […]

If people are born gay at what age should we tell them?

July 2, 2007


So I was reading through last weeks Village Voice which surprisingly had a special section devoted to Gay issues- though I was shocked at such a paper for showing this I read on. I personally would be considered a Democrat- not I did not say liberal- when it comes to Gay Issues- gay pride aint […]

Categorizing different kasharus levels

June 18, 2007


My buddy recently went to the Upper West Side for a shabbos of boring conversation, shallow questions and a shidduch marathon which means 3-5 dates over a weekend. He found something interesting, when he asked many people where he could take a girl to eat, being as he is not from New York, they would […]

Can you be frum if you do not keep negia? The follow up post

June 16, 2007


I am not about to make this blog into a serious blog: However I decided to do a serious follow up post to the shomer negia post. If you do not keep shomer negia, are you frum? What if you do not follow other halachos and miztvos? What does frum really mean these days anyway? […]

End the Madness Shabaton

March 1, 2007


So I was thinking of going to one of End the Madness’s shabatons coming up in a few weeks. Is there anyone out there who has been to them? Was it a good experience. My problem is that being only 25 years old I will be one of the younger people there- I am fine […]