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Skcubrats is Starbucks spelled backwards

November 29, 2006


So this past Sunday night I starred in my first film. My buddy Jeremy needed to film a short film for a class so naturally he wanted expertise and talent so he chose me. I felt flattered and took some time out of my busy social life to star in his film. The premise of […]

The Jewish Walk of Shame: Part-2

November 27, 2006


Awhile back I wrote about what I thought to be the Jewish Walk of Shame. I felt that getting up late on shabbos morning and walking to shull while all the women were walking was quite embarrassing allowing them to size you up and mutter that you were not worthy of a shidduch they had […]


November 27, 2006


Normally the only full on “clutching my stomach about to explode” meal for the week is Friday night dinner, shabbos day may also be included but really Friday night is the big whammy. First off it is the end of the week and the start of shabbos, all week my hunger has been building and […]

Toilet Memories

November 27, 2006


Bathrooms used to be a work of art, now they tend to look like a work of art in the finished product, but really under all the fake marble and shiny gold and silver lies a flimsy look alike and a cheap imitation of the real thing. I grew up using one of those normal […]

The Freedom Only Driving Affords

November 21, 2006


I have to admit I am addicted to my car, the freedom it affords is hard to live without, yet for the last two weeks I survived, barely, but I did, I walked, rode, begged for rides from people who got sick of my asking, and just sat around and did nothing when the whether […]

Hashgacha Prutus and My Car

November 20, 2006


Do you ever get so angry at someone that you start imagining things you can do to make them pay for your misery? Do you ever get so mad that you start having dreams about torturing that someone? Or taking out full page ads in your local paper to let everyone know how much you […]

The “Frum But With It” Label Sucks

November 19, 2006


What does “Frum but with it” mean? I have recently been trying to figure it out along with all the other common labels that I think get their induction into regular frumspeak from sites like Jdate, Frumster and Future Simchas. You know labels like Flexi-dox, and MODERN orthodox or modern ORTHODOX. Or modern machmir or […]