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Hiking in Kenai Fjords

October 5, 2006


As we crested the hill and burst through the treeline we noticed two fellow hikers gazing off into the distance. Even from our vantage point we could tell there was some sort of wildlife that they were looking at. We were just oustide Seward Alaska, Seward situated on the coast is at the mouth of […]

Back from Alaska

October 1, 2006


After 6 glorius weeks away from the internet, shopping malls, foreign cars, people, subarbia, and Jews- I am back in the saddle again. I have dozens of stories to tell and rants to make. Unfortunately I will not be able to do so for a bit, but I thought I would check in with my […]

Are there Jews in The Yukon, Northwest Territories, or Alaska.

August 25, 2006


So it all started three weeks ago when I was filling up gas in Liberty NY. A women next to me was filling up and she had Alaska plates, so I started up some friendly excited conversation. Thats when I decided I would drive to Alaska. I had always wanted to do it, and now […]

Seeking Shidduch: Featuring the Frumster Profile of the Week

August 9, 2006


Additional Photo(s): Additional Photo(s): Additional Background Information Grew up in: New York City Consider relocation? Yes Wishing to make aliyah to Israel? Maybe Jewish Education: yeshiva/seminary Secular Education: Bachelors Languages Spoken: English, Hebrew Political Beliefs: middle of the road Occupation: Aspiring public policy anylist Hobbies and Interests: Mountain Biking, Hiking, Live Music, Intelectual conversation, Photography, […]

Montana Memories part one

July 26, 2006


I can still remember the first time I laid eyes on her beauty. It was within reach yet so far and I was getting impatient with the border patrol, who felt that since my companion and I had been in British Columbia for a week we had brought back tons of its famous marijuana. We […]

Frum Jews do hike in the Catskills

July 25, 2006


So there I was debating if my tired self headed home should hike the 3.3 miles of steady uphill to the top of Peekamoose Mountain. I heard the view was good but hadn’t planned on hiking today. The debate raged on as I checked the little brown wooden trailhead sign again to make sure it […]

Sunday July 9th

July 13, 2006


The tires are screaming a song as they roll 75 miles per hour down the smooth greyish pavement. The clouds are floating aimlessly in the hazy blue sky. The trees pass by like a picket fence, and the cruise control is set. The windows are open wide, the wind is swirling my passengers hair into […]