How do you shake your lulav? (video)

October 19, 2008


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New Israeli movie portrays lesbian love in girls seminary

October 12, 2008


If you knew how many people a day came to my site by searching any of a wide variety of frum or chassidic combined with the words porn, sex, gay, lesbian, horny, etc… it would be quite shocking. In fact I would love to see the looks on some of these peoples faces as they […]

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Sarah Palin Sheitels come to Brooklyn

October 11, 2008


You heard correct but if you want to read the post in its entirety with all the comments you have to visit my new blog at

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Guest poster: Funny thoughts about my conversion to Judaism

October 5, 2008


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Frum Satire Videos of recent note

October 2, 2008


For those of you that arrived here- you have arrived at my old site. I do use it occasionally to mirror my main site or post videos. Please visit my new site at Artscroll Vs. Birnbaum Jewish Greetings Sukkos Thoughts

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I will be attending First international Jewish Blogging Convention in Israel

July 21, 2008


Please visit my main blog Jewish Comedy As the title states I will be attending the first international Jewish Blogger convention in Jerusalem on August 20th. In fact I just found out (by looking at the convention schedule) that I will be speaking or shall we say flailing my arms and talking wildly about my […]

Jewish Comedy Blog

June 16, 2008


Jewish Comedy Blog please click the link for the updated version of this site. I have not blogged on here in over a year.