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Shadchuns really do ask the most ridiculous questions!!!

June 9, 2007


Please visit my new site at I recently spoke to a shadchun and she asked me some of the most ridiculous questions ever, I of course had to give ridiculous answers just to mess with her and show her how stupid the questions were. In keeping with tradition I had a pen and paper […]

The all inclusive guide to judging and labeling every orthodox Jewish sect

May 1, 2007


Please visit my new blog at So these days there has been lots of talk about labels within Judaism, just last night I was talking to my aunt who was saying that I should go out with girls from this and that kind of schools because you cant get a yeshivish but you also […]

How I came to wear black velvet yarmulkes:a short history

March 27, 2007


On December 21st of 2004 I cut my hair, it was many inches long at the time. My beautiful thick long hair that waved down past my shoulders was suddenly gone, in doing so I ended an era that has not yet been matched- though I hope some day my working position will be of […]

How switching to black velvet saved this mans life!!!

March 26, 2007


A recent ad in one of the Frum Jewish Tabloids ahem…. newspapers read as follows: “It just sort of happened over night, I went from regular old Joe, to a widely liked and sought after Yossi” In the words of Yossi formerly known as Joe who changed his life by simply changing his head covering. […]

Frum But With It vs. Modern Orthodox Machmir: It all comes down to the velvet

March 25, 2007


I have decided that “Frum But With It” merely means that you are “Modern Orthodox machmir” but too chicken to actually refer to yourself as anything close to Modern Orthodox. Then again in the frum world it may just mean that you are modern orhodox but happen to wear a black velvet yarmulke, since so […]