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An apology to my readers

May 12, 2007


You know a lot of things can go to your head, money, fame, honor- or 100,000 hits 50 random emails a week and multiple comments on posts. Well this past week for some reason or another I decided to post up a few things I shouldn’t have. I decided to post up material that really […]

Is weed kosher for pesach?

March 28, 2007


Hat tip to Married in Brooklyn for finding this article concerning that marijuana is kitnyot– shocking to me- but even more shocking to my friends who like to get stoned at the seder and eat their bitter herbs with a big smirk on their faces. Thank God mushrooms are not kitnyot for what are strictly […]

Do Frummies not understand the title of my site?

February 15, 2007


So I decided to publish these two comments below because the person reading my site obviously has no idea what SATIRE means and actually wins the award for spelling worse than I do- I know who thought it was possible? Ok in regards to the issuring of Miami, I understand that you think it should […]

Are you productive in the car?

February 9, 2007


I love to drive and I drive a ton. Somehow my odometer in my 99 Subaru reads 235,000 miles. Driving and music are a fitting combination and thats great because I love music too. I was recently talking with my buddy Kalman a fellow music junky who drives a lot for work and he told […]

A story of the Rambam and judging your fellow Jew

January 14, 2007


On the 4 mile walk to shull for mincha yesterday my roommate old me an interesting story about the Rmabam I thought to be related to many of my judging posts. I have recently been writing the different ways in which Jews judge each other and basically posting them to show their foolishness and well […]

Ten Macos Themed Restaurnt

January 12, 2007


Announcing brand new dining experience from Israelite Caterers: Come dine in style while you experience some of the most exotic appetizing delights while enjoying your special themed room in the Ten Macos Restaurant brought to you exclusively by Israelite Caterers. Unlike any other in Cairo A sampling of some of the dishes on our menu: […]

Parshas Vaera with a twist

January 12, 2007


Real TV We have this exclusive video sent in by an anonymous person who caught the King of Egypt on tape going to the Bathroom in the Nile, and then all of the sudden the Nile turns red. We have made several copies because the EPA is investigating the bloody water scandal which they believe […]