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Can you be frum if you do not keep negia? The follow up post

June 16, 2007


I am not about to make this blog into a serious blog: However I decided to do a serious follow up post to the shomer negia post. If you do not keep shomer negia, are you frum? What if you do not follow other halachos and miztvos? What does frum really mean these days anyway? […]

What type of negia do you keep???

June 12, 2007


Please visit my new site at I was mountain biking today with Alon Krausz the founder of the JOC- Jewish Outdoors Club and in one of our conversations he told me about the SOU- shomer until opportunity- that of course spawned this post. Many people I know keep negia, they brave the dark waters […]

Shadchuns really do ask the most ridiculous questions!!!

June 9, 2007


Please visit my new site at I recently spoke to a shadchun and she asked me some of the most ridiculous questions ever, I of course had to give ridiculous answers just to mess with her and show her how stupid the questions were. In keeping with tradition I had a pen and paper […]

Why do Jews live in places where they dont agree with any of the tyrannic policies?

June 6, 2007


The following questions were on a list produced by the blog Married in Brooklyn. I decided to answer some of them for you. Chock one down for the folks who choose not to live around NYC. Here are my why questions concerning Flatbush/Brooklyn/NY mentality crap that still goes on. Why are people condemned because of […]

The all inclusive guide to judging and labeling every orthodox Jewish sect

May 1, 2007


Please visit my new blog at So these days there has been lots of talk about labels within Judaism, just last night I was talking to my aunt who was saying that I should go out with girls from this and that kind of schools because you cant get a yeshivish but you also […]

Were you a yeshiva rebel (kid at risk)???

April 30, 2007


Two of my posts Singles Weekend and Guide to Labeling Frummies have been nominated for best humor post in the JIB Awards Click the JIB link to vote. Your strutting down the street smoking a cigarette wearing 30 inch wide leg Jnco jeans, have one of those No-Fear T-shirts on and are headed to another […]

Craigslist Purim Sex Ad

March 3, 2007


Is it possible that this guy read my posting last week about how pathetic and boring the recent frum sex ads on craigslist have been. Well this one is not great but it is way more clever then most the other junk out there. email this posting to a friend Frum Haman looking for Vashti […]