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My Random Day

January 10, 2007


Dude get up its time for shachris my roommate gently nudged me. I don’t know how hard you want me to push you. I crawled deeper under the covers, leave me alone, my head is pounding, my head was pounding, I had to pee, no I am not getting up. The yetzer harah was staring […]

My Quarter Life Crisis

December 28, 2006


I just tried to get a job, the perfect job it may have been really. Two women just came into the store and tried to bargain with me on pretty much everything in the store. They were obviously New Yorkers, I despise them usually. They spoke of my lack of marketing for the store, why […]

Tis the season for salty windshields

December 8, 2006


And so we have returned to the season of salt engulfed windshields that the only way of ridding them is to sit behind a truck spewing slush, melted snow and other great stuff to hasten the corrosion of your cars underbody while trying to franticly flick the windshield wipers on and off methodically as not […]

The Freedom Only Driving Affords

November 21, 2006


I have to admit I am addicted to my car, the freedom it affords is hard to live without, yet for the last two weeks I survived, barely, but I did, I walked, rode, begged for rides from people who got sick of my asking, and just sat around and did nothing when the whether […]

A gloomy day

November 12, 2006


Spraying rain, those fast moving clouds signaling the departure of the short blast of warmth that was brought about by those same fast moving clouds. Gray, overcast skies, none of those broken clouds letting the sunlight shine down, no sun what so ever, gloom, gloomy mood in fact. Why does this car suck so bad, […]

Different moods-different music

November 1, 2006


Pre-ride, driving in my car, windows open, head bobbing, voice screaming, heart thumping, muscles pumping, brakelights shining, got my bike on my roof, about to get muddy, bloody, sweaty, achy, adrenaline shot up, jump some ramps, stall some ledges, balze some muddy trail through a canopy of pine and a carpet of pine needles, pine […]

The cost of going to Alaska

October 16, 2006


I am sure most of your may be wondering how an unemployed recent college grad like myself may have afforded the luxary of driving to Alaska. How can a 24 year old guy with no money drive 12,000 miles in one month while gas prices were as high as $5 a gallon at some remote […]