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My New Years Day

January 2, 2007


My windshield is misting up from the road spray and the swirling fog is not making it any easier for my tired eyes. The loud beats of some random earlier 90s punk rock fills my ear drums as I try to stay awake at the wheel. I am hoping for some sun, but with every […]

What turns me on

December 6, 2006


Entering Circa on Avenue J in Flatbush to find a half eaten meal left by some teeny bopper bais yaakov girls who dont know the meaning of having to pay for your own food. While munching on this free food fress fest, I notice a beautiful frum girl in a tight black stretchy dress looking […]

Porcupine Rim – Moab, UT

November 15, 2006


Man its only 8 in the morning and its already 80 degrees, I thought to myself as we continued to rise above the Utah desert floor, as we rose the vegetation changed. The sides of the road were pornographic to me, steep angled smooth rock slats stretched as far as the eye can see, these […]

Then G-d created indoor mountain bike parks

October 31, 2006


I have ridden many of the “cream your pants” spots in my lifetime. I have ridden the smooth red rock canyons of Moab, Utah. I have sailed through the wide open fields on the sandy singletrack that stretches through miles of wilderness in Sun Valley, Idaho. I have dropped off wooden stunts and ridden log […]

My first downhilling experience

October 28, 2006


My first time downhill mountain biking was like an all day high and not actually comming down until the next day when I woke up aching and dealing with gooey icy hot. Ski-Plattekill arguably the greatest downhill spot on the east coast-is located in Roxbury NY just off my favorite road in NY-State, Route 30. […]

Mountain biking and broken engagements

October 11, 2006


I felt it oppurtune time to start a little ranting about my broken engagement which occured on April 18, 2006 My own therapy: My brand new bike is on my roof. My previous one was stolen out of the back of my car. Reel Big Fish is blaring on my radio- they sing of skateboarding, […]

Sweat and Mud;Bikes and Mosquitoes

June 28, 2006


Roots form a maze over the rocks and mud as if the ground were seething with snakes. The snaking roots come in all sizes and shapes, the squared off ones are better,theroud large ones create a huge obstacle in the wasteland of mud, mosquitoes, down trees, rocks and standing water that looks more like someonejustcouldnt […]