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Toilet Memories

November 27, 2006


Bathrooms used to be a work of art, now they tend to look like a work of art in the finished product, but really under all the fake marble and shiny gold and silver lies a flimsy look alike and a cheap imitation of the real thing. I grew up using one of those normal […]

A note to my readers

November 13, 2006


 I have added a new page to the blog. On the top right hand corner under “about the author” I have added a page which will be updated weekly and it is meant to show the reader which terms were typed into google to find my site. Interesting to some so I figured I would […]

Cars are like the old and frail

November 7, 2006


I have decided that my car is like the old, sick, frail, man- slowly moving down the street clenching his walker, while adjusting the nozzle on his oxygen tank that gives him air. My car is like one of those folks that have those daily medicine dispencers that have the day numbers in brail and […]

Drive from Albany to Cleveland

October 27, 2006


So I had to drive from Albany to Cleveland yesterday and make a stop in Buffalo at my favorite bookstore. I must say the Thruway ranks up there as one of the most boring roads one can take across New York State. Not my choice I prefer the 88 or 31 or newly built 86 […]

Halachic issues of CD burning and wireless internet

October 26, 2006


Were you honest in business dealings is supposedly one of the questions they ask you when you die and go up for the old scale weighing and video of your life. I decided to seek advice on whether burning cd’s is cool or not. I have been told numerous different things- but I figured you […]

The old Upper West Side

October 24, 2006


I remember when I could walk up and down Broadway on the upper west side and not see the same store twice. Cafés, book stores, flower shops, fruit stores, 24 hr delis and clothing shops lined the streets hugging the sidewalks trying to garner attention from the many passersby. These stores of which the names […]

Peaceful meditation

October 22, 2006


The wind rustled through the half laved trees, it made a louder than normal yet peaceful sound. The crunch of the golden, brown leaves could be heard as the wind jostled the leaves together, the leaves held on for dear life as they saw their brethren lifted off their ever fraying roots and strewn about […]