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The best ways to mess with Baal Teshuva’s

April 26, 2007


Please visit my new site at There was some kid at the kosher kitchen today where I mashgiach once in a while- who switched the way he was facing during benching so as a joke I told him to face the other way like in shmona esray and all the sudden I had an […]

My Sedarim

April 4, 2007


For the first time in my life I stayed up for both seders in their entirety. I spent the first days of Pesach in Saratoga Springs with my father and the Rubin family. I am so proud of myself considering that last year I fell asleep at both sidurim and my ex-fiancée used it as […]

Lubavitchers are like Elvis Impersonators

February 8, 2007


updated from an earlier post They dress like him, claim he’s still alive in some cases, and even claim to have seen him. They have enshrined his house, they are noticable whenever one lays their eyes upon them. Yes Elvis Impersonators and many Lubavitchers especially the Yichee crowd could almost be distant brothers. The Elvis […]

Modern Orthodox Black Hat & Modern Lubavitch

January 30, 2007


In my ongoing process to improve past posts and bring them to my reader’s attention, I have added to new categories to my most widely read post ever. A frummies guide to labeling and judging other frummies was made widely popular thanks to Krum as a Bagel for thinking it was the funniest post he’s […]

Aish Vs. Chabad: The war has come to Campus

January 29, 2007


Turf wars between Aish and Chabad are nothing new, but they just took a new twist, now Aish will be on Campus, which is Chabads traditional fortay originally coming in the late 1960s when the whole frum world laughed at them for trying to bring Judaism to campus. Aish Hatorah no doubt is a great […]

Lubavitchers are the coolest Chasids: Thats why many frum folks hate them

January 27, 2007


Please visit my new site at Lets face the facts Lubavitchers are the coolest Chasidim, maybe this is why they are hated so much: My list of the reasons why they rock They embrace the internet and use it for good, rather then casting it off as evil Lubavitch girls are the hot Lubavitch […]

A frummies guide to labeling and judging other frummies

December 14, 2006


Please visit my new site at So these days there has been lots of talk about labels within Judaism, just last night I was talking to my aunt who was saying that I should go out with girls from this and that kind of schools because you cant get a yeshivish but you also […]