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My first downhilling experience

October 28, 2006


My first time downhill mountain biking was like an all day high and not actually comming down until the next day when I woke up aching and dealing with gooey icy hot. Ski-Plattekill arguably the greatest downhill spot on the east coast-is located in Roxbury NY just off my favorite road in NY-State, Route 30. […]

Riding at Whistler

August 8, 2006


Driving past the mountain I could not believe how large it was, parking lot after parking lot there was no end in sight. Finally we were here, Whistler Mountain. I have read about this place so much and couldnt wait to hit the slopes. In the past few years it had become a huge deal […]

Montana Memories part 2

August 2, 2006


“You know what the difference between grizzly bear crap and black bear crap is?” The ranger said with a smirk. No what? “Grizzly bears’ have bear bells is theirs”. That was our welcome to Glacier National Park, along with towering snow covered peaks, vast plains of wildflowers and icy waterfalls. It took three years but […]

Good mountain biking close to the Jewish Catskills

July 6, 2006


I only make fun frummies because I love them. So to show my love I have decided to make up a guide for frummies, vacationing, fressing, learning, shidduching, and bumming around the lower catskills region. I know most of the fine frum folk who come to the Catskills want to eat dougies, bowl at Kiamesha […]

Sweat and Mud;Bikes and Mosquitoes

June 28, 2006


Roots form a maze over the rocks and mud as if the ground were seething with snakes. The snaking roots come in all sizes and shapes, the squared off ones are better,theroud large ones create a huge obstacle in the wasteland of mud, mosquitoes, down trees, rocks and standing water that looks more like someonejustcouldnt […]

Urban biking on concrete beauties

June 27, 2006


Man there are tons of Asians in this city, I wonder as I pound heavily on my pedals and woosh in front of a trolley. Traveling swiftly along Bloor street in downtown Toronto, I jump a curb and proceed to ride a manual on my back tire until the front front tire gracefully lands back […]