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Say goodbye to bima clops: Technology to remind you to say Mored Hatal

April 11, 2007


My father mentioned over Pesach that he had recently went to daven in a shull in Brooklyn that had a new technology he had never seen. Actually my dad has never even used a computer so maybe it’s been around for a while for all I know. Instead of the old fashioned clop on the […]

Man kicked out of shull for refusing to put on jacket

March 23, 2007


Frum with questions writes about being thrown out of shull for not wearing a jacket. Pathetic and despicable- understandable if he came to shull wearing a pink thong and a lace bra- but no jacket- give me a f%$#ing break!!!

Frum Satires Long list of future Charedi Chumra’s & Bans

March 11, 2007


Let me get this straight- I am an equal oppurtunity basher, comic whatever your heart desires to call me. A few weeks ago I made fun of the JTS and then made fun of different sects within Modern Orthodoxy and yes I have to be getting to the charedim. First of all charedim are the […]

Chumra of the Month Club: Miami is Assur

February 15, 2007


Ok I told you that every month the charedim have to keep up their quota of wacky chumras, whether its for publicity or to just keep their die hard folowers in check and to make sure the Rabbis actually do something besides cover up sexual abuse scandals, and twirl their peyos. Well boys and Girls […]

Chumra of the month club: what will they ban next?

February 1, 2007


Chumra of the month club what will they ban next? They could ban all women’s gyms since, they partake in unztnius activities even though its behind closed doors. Also the better shape women are in, the more likely they are to leave their overweight beer bellied husbands. Maybe they could make women wear their robes […]

On banning the Internet

January 24, 2007


Just because the issue has been saturated with mad folks and people ranting about it, doesnt mean someone cant write a good article and try and change peoples minds. Kudos to Independant Frum Thinker for a nother great piece on another annoyance within the frum community.

What will the Rabbis ban next?

January 23, 2007


It seems as if the last couple years have brought a rash of crazy decisions by the charedi Rabbis in Israel and here at home in the US. It seems as if they are assuring things just for the sake of. I have developed a conspiracy theory just because I am bored and want to […]