About Me & Pics

Please visit my new site at http://frumsatire.net

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  1. o gashrigin! what kind of yingele do you think you are coming on to this goyisha inter-velt and publishing pritzus and kefira. you apikoirais! go learn some gemara!!!

  2. Nice writing. I’ll have to keep tabs.

  3. You rock man!!!!

  4. Where are all the frum chicks that want to patch their sheitels with moss, from being on the trail so long?

  5. I gotta admit that’s some damn good writting. I finnaly sat down to read your RANT, and though I don’t pride myself on being I yenta I found that I couldn’t stop reading, haha it must be an inborn jewish thing! But I am curious to know what you wrote about TUNY…. if you still have it saved somewhere, you got my e-mail, send it over I need a good laugh!!

  6. do u like shtenders? maybe they sell some in Alabama or Kentucky,,and dude…you owe me…some cents

  7. hey,

    you inspired me to start a blog….oh no…it’s started!
    see u!

    -the sexybt

  8. I got my first search engine result and I wanted to share it with you!
    Frum Girl + Sex



    the sexy bt…

  9. can u please e-mail the “taken down” posts on tiuny. I went there and am dying to read them. thanks. jakijoke@yahoo.com

  10. nice new layout

  11. Hey, some real funny stuff. Keep up the good work. Say hi to my friend lou when you see him

  12. B”H Let me guess…um,…once in a blue moon you think about sex. Your Testosterone level will begin to go down at age 25. Enjoy it while you can.

  13. You know whats funny- the stuff I write is not really what I think about at all. If you were to talk to my friends they would say I spend way too much time talking about places I have traveled to and where I want to hike or ride my bike next.

    I not asexual- but for a 25 year old guy I am close. The talk is all to make folks laugh. I never devote any time to sexual devices- such as dressing up, going out or socializing. I would rather be at the skatepark or on the trail or maybe listening to some live jazz alone.

  14. Hey- why are you so hateful about people who are more right wing than you calling them derogatorily “frummies”. Is it a low self esteem? Maybe your just a pervert who feels that people who aren’t pose a threat to you. You’re probably one of those people that “loves” every Jew (besides the “black hats” and the “frummies” and the “yeshiva guys” and the chassidim and the Lakewood people and the Flatbush Jews and the Boro Park Jews, and the “white shirt/black pants Jews, and the non academic Jews, etc…). You are 25 already- Don’t you think its time to get a life and stop spending all of your time writing perverted and hateful blogs about other Jews?

  15. Mazal tov! Ed’s gay twin Alan is here. lol.

  16. Dude what is so degraing about calling people frummies- it is the plural for frum. We do call everyone frum right? Unless frum is considered derogatory now as well with you political correct people complaining.

    Actually its funny you say that I love every Jew besides the black hats. 8o% of the Jews I associate and the ones who are the BIGGEST fans of this blog tend to lean toward the right. I myself rock the yeshivish as well as the modern and Bt circles. As I have said this is a sociological study of the frum community from a comic standpoint.

    Oh and I probably have a way better and more enjoyable life then you do, unless you happen to live in the mountain time zone- because then you win- because the white water kayaking and back country skiing sucks on the east.

    Maybe you should check out my REAL LIFE blog http://www.frumoutdoorsman.wordpress.com to get the whole picture. After all you are judging me based on comic non-serious unintelligible rantings right???

  17. You look and sound like such a fun dude! I am glad you are doing things you love to do and have an awesome time doing it and not carring what other pple think. You should rock on!! LOL!! Do you live in Rochester?

  18. I used to live in Rochester- email me and I can divulge more personal information if you wish. By the way this blog is not very representative of me- my other blog is much more of my daily life.

  19. Yeah I realize you are very outdoorsy. Its cool. I love traveling and seeng the world, but I dont like the outdoors…well I love the outdoors but I hate bugs. LOL! Its a thing what can I do!! I would love to travel the world-but in a car or plane! I drive down to Florida every year, its a family trip thing. Pass through almost every state on the east coast. Its my fathers dream (and maybe mine) to drive to every baseball stadium in the country! We wish!! LOL!

  20. 🙂

  21. A fun video to circulate:


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