Could Youtube be used for Shidduchim?

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So I was browsing around Youtube today and found two shidduch videos – they are half joking, but still it got me thinking that youtube is the perfect shidduch device. Not only can the person tell you to visit their profile of frumster or tell you about themselves- you actually get to see their personality in action. It is also great for people who live in cities far off from NY, where the action is. Instead of having to go from Cleveland or Chicago to NY- to meet some girl for one date- they could at least make some initial judgings based on your video. Of course it can be abused and many will say it goes against the whole shidduch process but I think it could be used for shidduchim and work very well for that matter, and it doesnt seem the whole traditional shidduch process is working all too great anyway. I hope to see some more of these videos. The video I found is horrible in terms of its sound. For some reason the person speaking is delayed- but it is still a step in the right direction.