Aish Vs. Chabad: The war has come to Campus

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Turf wars between Aish and Chabad are nothing new, but they just took a new twist, now Aish will be on Campus, which is Chabads traditional fortay originally coming in the late 1960s when the whole frum world laughed at them for trying to bring Judaism to campus. Aish Hatorah no doubt is a great organization but why have they decided to go to College campuses around the country all of the sudden with no warning what so ever? In some situations the Chabad Rabbi on campus had no idea that Aish Hatorah had sent one of their emissaries to learn with students on campus, only to find out from offended students that they thought Aish was a branch of Chabad until th Rabbi started getting really pushy and preachy with them. Chabad on campus traditionally knows that the last thing students want to do is spend Friday night at a Jewish event so they take more of a passive approach allowing students to find Chabad on their own without actively persuading them to come.

Unfortunately Aish Hatorah has started out on the wrong foot with regards to their campus outreach. I have been in touch with many Chabad shluchim who claim that Aish just shows up and bust in without any formal introduction. One may think that an Aish emissary would want to gain invaluable experience tips from the Chabad shliach on whatever campus they go to as well as some contacts to help them start out. After all aren’t Aish and Chabad out to achieve the same goals, basically to bring more close to Judaism, to bring out the “pintele yid”. But I guess they don’t have the same goals, according to many folks Aish is extremely anti-chabad and openly preaches against them. According to the kvetcher blog, Chabad and Aish appear to have completely different goals. According to This article people spend way to much ime attacking Chabad while Chabad has no time to attack anyone- because they actually run a good business of getting through to Jews.

I of course am on the outside of all of this talk. While I am close with and do some work for Chabad I am not Lubavitch and while I have sat in on Aish Discovery just to get the free lunch of Shnitzel and mashed potatoes I have nothing to do with Aish. Maybe some of my readers can bring light to this Campus turf war.