What will the Rabbis ban next?

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It seems as if the last couple years have brought a rash of crazy decisions by the charedi Rabbis in Israel and here at home in the US. It seems as if they are assuring things just for the sake of. I have developed a conspiracy theory just because I am bored and want to see what you people think.

In the latest decision the Rabbis have sought to ban women from achieving any post high school education. This article on the Jew School blog sums it up pretty well. Here’s my theory or question rather. Are the Rabbis trying to make it harder and harder for charedim just so the charedim think they need these so called pious Rabbis to help them? Are the Rabbis really just trying to make the community more dependant on them and the outside? It seems as if this is sort of like colonization in a backwards sort of way. We will force the charedim to starve due to stupid bans on education for the dumb ass reason that the professors teaching the women are not religious or G-d forbid some inappropriate materials are being taught. So basically you are trying to starve the charedi community and force dependence and in the process save your own ass. It also seems as if, the more stuff they ban and controversial decisions they make the more work is being done. If the Rabbis maybe took a vacation went to Cancun and then came back we would think they were slacking off since nothing was banned for a couple weeks. It might even be compared to the black community and its leaders Rev. Jackson and Sharpton purposefully keep the black man down in order to retain their necessity as leaders and guides for the community.