Bring Back the Pilegesh

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So I was sitting around reading the Jewish Week this shabbos and read an interesting article about a blogger who proposes to bring back the wholepilegesh thing. Married man cant take the long lonely nights while his wife is away on business- so instead of succumbing to his taivas and surfing the craigslist casual sex ads- he does the frum thing and orders up some pilegesh action- which according the Agudath Israel is halachicly legal- but like all frummy organizations say about any sort of controversey, is just not how “we” do things anymore.

So I guess covering up sexual scandals by Rabbis is how things are done nowadays eh. Well anyway, tome it sounds off color, but rather interesting. I do have a few clerical questions that some of you may be able to help me out with.

The pilegeshis that are hired. Are they single? If so wouldn’t you think shidduch suggestions may be hard to come by? Are they Jewish? Do they even have to be frum? Does this mean that there is an automatic heter for birth control since, one be hardly want to have a kid with a pilegesh he boned one night because he didn’t want to succumb to his taivas?

So to the pilegesh folks ar (I think) If I were to say order a pilegesh, do I get to see the goods before I order, kind of like frumster or is it more frummy like say a shidduch date- where you just have to plunge in (no pun intended)?

Oh and ironicly enough the article in the Jewish Week was written by a man named Adam Dicter- pretty funny eh.

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