Skiing is for white folks

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While looking at a ski mountain catalog this morning I noticed something striking. There was not one person of color or minority in the catalog. Nope there was just a bunch of plain old rich white folks enjoying their time as far away from black folks as possible. If you are racists or simply don’t like black folks skiing is the place to be, naturally segregated and void of black folks, due to location, cost, cold, and the fact that if I were black I would be scared to spend my time with a bunch of yuppie white people who drink Starbucks and have no idea what collards are- I would feel if I were black that ski hills are the perfect place for KKK rallies. Not only are all the people white, usually in a place void of black folks for hundreds of miles, but all the snow is white too creating the perfect scene for a bunch of crazies in white sheets to tout about how the black man is the devil.

But really folks skiing catalogs it seems are the last public catalogs to be void of minorities and let me tell you whether a place is void of minorities or not bears no importance on how many are prese4nt in the catalog. Take my school for instance SUNY Brockport, pretty much void of minorities besides a few here and there, overwhelmingly white, suburban middle class, Abercrombie type kids who play beer pong and drive around neons with tinted windows. Well in class and in the pages of the catalog as well as any other college publication out there. They tote that it is really diverse and so on. So besides the token black guy/girl, dude in wheelchair a few Asians, maybe some Indians, there really is no diversity at all- yet the catalog begging you to come to the school or any school always has at least one if not more of these folks. Diversity man., I am all about diversity but come on is this false advertising or not?

I am surprised that ski mountains have not been pushed by Al Sharpton or the Rev. Jackson to include more people of color in their catalogs?

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