Cars are like the old and frail

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I have decided that my car is like the old, sick, frail, man- slowly moving down the street clenching his walker, while adjusting the nozzle on his oxygen tank that gives him air. My car is like one of those folks that have those daily medicine dispencers that have the day numbers in brail and the people who use these have them for morning, afternoon and evening. My car features the same goodness that one feels after popping that anti-inflamtory pill, only to develop heartburn the next day when the medicine effect subsides.

Apparantly my transmission “died” because there was a leak and the gears slowly ground themseleves out. So thats why fourth gear didnt work? Oh, I thought manual transmissions last forever? Well guess not. Hmm…how many large repairs have I done so far?

Well last December my engine seized after running out of oil- No I am not a dumb dude who knows nothing about cars. I am just the average guy who drives 50k miles a year. So How was I supposed to know that Subarus oil light goes on when the car is out of oil- thats right folks OUT OF OIL- cylindars popping through their heads you know- siezed engine. Your light goes on- its like a heart attack 40 miles out in the middle of nowhere. DEAD- in most normal cars the oil light goes on when  the oil is “low” but you see the engineers at Subaru decided that the oil pressure will stay the same no matter what oil level there is- which is great if you check your oil every time you stop for gas- but for normal people like me who check the oil every 1500 miles or so- this is not the case. Normal cars like my trusty 95 Volvo wagon may it rest in peace lose oil pressure as the oil level goes down -forcing the light to illuminate.

So in fact a new engine kind of like a new heart is not the cure all. New transmission may not either cure the problem- maybe I was just decreed on Yom Kippur that this year would be a financial ruin for me.

Let me tell you people something- cars are like the old and frail- you think your all fixed up with that tripple bi-pass and boom your lying in a puddle of blood and urine with your frozen hand clenching your chest. Kind of like throwing that new engine in only to find out that your transmission is dead and that will be $2581.00 sir. Gam Zu Latova man.

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